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Dear DefHolder,

Everyone in the DefHold Team is overexcited to release our 2 products in a few hours and we can imagine that it is the same for most of you!

In this article, we will provide you with all the details related to the launch of our products as well as their audit.


Our staking and farming pools will open on December 31st at 11:00 PM UTC. During the first 24 hours, the below staking pools will only be accessible for stakers of DEFO or RFI tokens. Thereafter, every ERC-20 token can be staked in any of these pools.

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The working process of these EWF pools is detailed in the following article. Moreover, an airdrop of 200 DEFO will be distributed to the first $1 million staked in the 4th and 5th pool.

As a reminder, you will find herein-below the main benefits of this platform for every DefHolder:

  • Increase exposure of DEFO as it will be the first platform offering such a global staking services based on an EWF mechanism and accessible to every ERC-20 tokens;
  • Immediately increase the number of stakers, as the holders of every ERC-20 tokens will be able to stake on our platform, thus increasing the TVL as well as the likelihood of seeing stakers withdraw their funds before the end of the lock-up period;
  • Increase the DEFO buying pressure and price enhancement as every ERC-20 tokens’ pool will automatically market-buy DEFO for the amount corresponding to the EWF;
  • Stakers can stake their beloved tokens and still fully enjoy any price upside as they will not have to sell them to partake into the EWF pools;
  • Ability to immediately attract every ERC-20 project on the DefHold platform as there will be no minimum staked amount to reach per project, since the rewards will be shared among all the stakers regardless their base tokens.


Regarding our Whale Club, it will also be released on December 31st at 11:00 PM UTC. However, the initial contribution period lasting 48 hours will begin on January 1st at 11:00 AM UTC. The start of the contribution period has voluntarily been delayed in order to keep the focus on the Global Staking Platform during the first 12 hours.

For those seeking more details about our Whale Club, we suggest you consult this article.

As a reminder, you will find herein-below the main benefits of this product for every DefHolder:

Small investors can benefit of the buying power and experience of whales. Moreover, they will not suffer from Whale dumping as their assets will be sold at the same time as those of the whales.

Whales will benefit of additional buying power and will be able to discover innovative projects thanks to the proposals of other investors.

Decentralization allowing every investor to propose and vote for the targeted investment as well as the entry and exit price without any centralized authority or fund manager.

Cost cutting as there will be no middleman or asset managers to be remunerated. All features and processes will be handled by smart contracts.

Entrance fee and profit-sharing will benefit all DEFO holder as it will increase the buying pressure on the token and offer additional revenues to stakers/farmers.


As announced over the last couple of days, we have received the audit report from Everything is working exactly as intended and no security issues from outside attackers have been identified! The only minor issue discovered during this audit was related to the pulling of Uniswap prices, as our smart contract initially used the Uniswap’s getAmountsOut function. This recommendation has been implemented by our developers and the Global Staking Platform now uses Uniswap V2’s TWAPs (Time Weighted Average Prices), providing a flash-loan resistant mechanism to fetch recent prices. For further details about the audit, you can find the public audit report here:

We would like to kindly thank you once again for your continuous support and also wish you a wonderful New Year! Should you have any questions or comments, we remain at your disposal on our various channels detailed below.

Yours sincerely,

The DefHold Team

DefHold is a non-inflationary DeFi ecosystem aiming to provide yield generating investments’ strategies to long-term crypto holders

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