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Dear DefHolders,

As you all know, both our EWF pools and our Whale Club are planned to be released by the end of the year.

The ultimate objective of our early withdrawal fees (“EWF”) staking and farming pools was always to extend them by adding other tokens in order to get more exposure and offer an increased buying pressure benefiting to the DefHold investors.

Recently, it became obvious to us that we do not want to make our investors wait many months to create this increased DEFO’s traction, but truly want to immediately turn our EWF Pools into THE FIRST GLOBAL CRYPTO STAKING PLATFORM.

Before digging into this platform and its innovative features, let’s first get through a reminder of our EWF pools working process.


The native token of the DefHold ecosystem, called DEFO, will enable holders to stake or farm their assets into pools with different pre-defined lock-up periods. However, all these pools will offer the ability to stakers and farmers to withdraw their assets at any time by applying an EWF if the assets are withdrawn before the term of the lock-up period.

These EWF will form the first revenues’ stream for stakers and farmers who have accurately managed their portfolio and own liquidity’s requirements. Indeed, an investor managing properly his cashflow forecasts and portfolio allocation will be able to stay within the selected pool until the end of the lock-up period thus avoiding him to pay any EWF. Moreover, it will allow them earning the EWF from people who withdraw their funds due to liquidity requirement or due to market moves’ fears (the latter being mostly known as “weak hands”).

Additionally, a second yield generating mechanism will be implemented to continuously generate income for DEFO stakers and farmers. Indeed, every new product of the DefHold ecosystem will require an entrance fee and apply a profit-sharing on the generated revenues. Both of these income will be distributed to stakers and farmers.

Below, you will find an overview of the staking and farming pools settings.

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All these pools will be available at any time (i.e. there will be no commencement date). Each investor can join the desired pool whenever he wants. The end of his lock-up period will be calculated automatically by the Smart Contract.

Moreover, each time a pool reaches the lock-up period of a faster pool, investors’ funds will be automatically transferred into the faster pool (in this case the EWF and rewards will automatically change to match those of the pool in which the tokens are transferred).

- For example, an investor stakes DEFO in the 4th pool on 01.01.2021 with EWF amounting to 14.3%.

- On 01.02.2021, the tokens will be automatically transferred into the 3rd pool and EWF will amount to 8.2%.

- On 01.03.2021, tokens will be automatically transferred into the 2nd pool and EWF will amount to 3.5%.

- Finally, on 21.03.2021, tokens will be automatically transferred into the 1st pool and EWF will amount to 1%.



Further to the above reminder, you will now discover the brand-new features offered by our future Global Crypto Staking Platform which will be implemented at the same time than the DEFO pools.

The working process of this platform will be exactly the same as the DEFO staking pools (i.e. same lock-up periods and same EWF rate). However, the major benefit of this platform compared to the afore-mentioned pools is that it will propose EWF pools for every ERC-20 token, thus turning DefHold into the first staking platform combining all the existing projects of the ETH network.

Concerning the technical side of the platform, the process will run as follows:

  • Every ERC-20 tokens’ holder will be able to stake;
  • People will stake directly their ERC-20 tokens;
  • If people withdraw their ERC-20 tokens before the lock-up period is finished, the smart contract will automatically market-buy DEFO for the part corresponding to the EWF by converting the base tokens into DEFO;
  • As the EWF amount will be converted in DEFO, all the rewards will be paid out in DEFO;
  • All the pools with an identical lock-up period will be combined and their rewards will be shared among all the stakers regardless their base tokens, thus increasing the chances of getting rewarded by “weak-hands”.


  • Increase exposure of DEFO as it will be the first platform offering such a global staking services based on an EWF mechanism and accessible to every ERC-20 tokens;
  • Immediately increase the number of stakers, as the holders of every ERC-20 tokens will be able to stake on our platform, thus increasing the TVL as well as the likelihood of seeing stakers withdraw their funds before the end of the lock-up period;
  • Increase the DEFO buying pressure and price enhancement as every ERC-20 tokens’ pool will automatically market-buy DEFO for the amount corresponding to the EWF;
  • Stakers can stake their beloved tokens and still fully enjoy any price upside as they will not have to sell them to partake into the EWF pools;
  • Ability to immediately attract every ERC-20 project on the DefHold platform as there will be no minimum staked amount to reach per project, since the rewards will be shared among all the stakers regardless their base tokens.

DefHold is a non-inflationary DeFi ecosystem aiming to provide yield generating investments’ strategies to long-term crypto holders

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