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On 1st of November 2020, our CEO, Artega, had a live AMA session with Jazie the main administrator on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Jazie: Hi Artega, welcome to our community. Before we go to first segment, please introduce yourself first.

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Good day everyone, I’m Artega, the CEO of DefHold, in collaboration with my colleague Pisa we’ve incepted the DefHold project aiming to bring traditional finance tools into the Crypto World.

By the way thank to Jazie for hosting this AMA and give us a chance to present our project!

Developing this project was quite an evidence to us as we’re both active in traditional finance since many years and in Crypto since 2016. We’re really excited to go live very soon especially with all the future developments which are in the pipe for this project.

Jazie: My pleasure to have you here, and thank you for your wonderful introduction as well. Let’s proceed to the first segment. Are you ready?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Yes for sure. We can start with it.

Jazie: Alright! Here comes the first question…

Question #1:

What is DefHold?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: It’s a non-inflationary DeFi ecosystem aiming to provide yield generating investments’ strategies to long-term crypto holders in both markets’ pump and dump.

The DEFO token will be the first product of the ecosystem and will enable holders to stake or farm their assets into pools with different pre-defined lock-up periods. However, all these pools will offer the ability to stakers and farmers to withdraw their assets at any time by applying an early withdrawal fee (“EWF”) if the assets are withdrawn before the term of the lock-up period. These EWF will be distributed to the stakers and farmers pro rata to their shares of the corresponding pool.

In the future, DefHold aims to be an ecosystem where various products from traditional finance will be offered to the investors. The second product which will be announced in due course is expected to be launched by the end of 2020 at latest.

Jazie: Thank you for explaining to us! Let’s move to the next question.

Question #2:

Can you tell us more details about the utilities of DEFO?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: In addition to being the first product, DEFO will be the native token of the DefHold ecosystem.

As a product it will offer to stakers and farmers non-inflationary revenues generated by 2 streams: Transfer fees + EWF. This can somehow be assimilated to a traditional CD.

As a native token, it will enable holders to take part into the future fully decentralized governance platform. Thanks this governance platform, users will be able to vote for the launch of new pools (new tokens, different lock-up periods, etc.), changing the rate or the allocation of the transfer fee or vote for many proposals related to future developments within the DefHold ecosystem. Moreover, to be able to benefit of the future DefHold products people will always have to hold a certain amount of DEFO thus continuously maintaining the DEFO buying pressure.

Jazie: Very informative! Participating on governance is must to decide for future developments.

Anyways, here’s the last question for Segment 1.

Question #3:

How can we farm and stake DEFO Tokens?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: DEFO staking and farming platforms are finalized and will be launched in public beta version once Uniswap listing will be live. People will get access to it through our website:

As previously mentioned, there’ll be 2 revenues’ streams offered to stakers and farmers.

Holders will be able to use pools with different lock-up periods thus rewarding people who will have the best portfolio’s and own liquidity’s management.

Jazie: Awesome, make sure to check their website to find more details.

Thank you for giving such great answers for my introduction questions. Let’s go to 2nd segment which is the twitter questions!

Here’s the first question from twitter…

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Question #1 From: @Eimi_Japayuki69

Since the DefHold is a great community platform, are there any strategies or plans to connect more communities globally? Like posting your company in social media like facebook, instagram and twitter to share ideas in it?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: The main purpose of our project is really to convert traditional finance tools into new DeFi products which will offer to our community innovative products and diversified ways to earn revenues.

As we’re still in the early stage of our project, we’ve opted for the most “crypto-friendly” social medias (i.e. Telegram, Twitter and Medium). Moreover, we’ve also scheduled a lot of press releases and articles in the coming days and weeks to gather attention of many investors and hopefully also attract non-crypto investors once our products will be launched! We’re also continuously seeking for influencers and AMAs helping us promote our project and getting as known as possible.

Jazie: Looking forward.

Let’s move to the next one.

Question #2 From: @Winterkom

The return percentages of both staking and farming will always be constant? In other words, there will be no variations over time? Can I be sure I will get that % at any time?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: The revenues won’t be constant. Indeed, the revenues will emanate from the EWF and from the transfer fees. Therefore, in the first case return percentages will vary according to the number of people withdrawing their funds before the end of the lock-up period. In the second case, they’ll vary according to the daily DEFO volume as a 2% transfer fee will be applied on it.

Regarding the EWF, they will be distributed to the stakers and farmers of the pool which they emanate from, unlike the transfer fee which will be shared between all stakers and farmers independently of the pool in which their funds are.

Jazie: Interesting, thanks Artega!

The third question from twitter is…

Question #3 From: @ahpamsn

Do you have programs for white hackers and devs like hackaton or bug bounty? This is very important and always have a awesome result.

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Yes, a bug bounty program will take place once Uniswap listing and public beta version will be live. Indeed, security is one of our core concern and we really want to achieve a high level of security through the contribution of security professionals acting in good faith.

There’ll be three reward categories: UI related bugs/Medium impact bugs/Critical bugs (vulnerabilities, exploits, etc). The amount of each category will be announced in due course. Once this program will be over, we will also schedule a full audit of our contracts and platform.

Jazie: Awesome! I’m sure some of the members are looking for Bug Bounty Program.

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: They’ll be welcome.

Jazie: Let’s go to the fourth question.

Question #4 From: @paolo_domingo1M

On your website, customers holding certain tokens may earn DEFO Tokens for each flow dollar traded. How much does the consumer have to pay for the minimum?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: That’s correct. Indeed a 2% transfer fee will be applied. However, just holding DEFO tokens won’t enable you to earn from that. People holding DEFO will have to stake of farm them into one of the available pools to earn these revenues. The transfer fee revenues’ allocation will be as follows:

- 5% to developer fund
- 40% to stakers (equally shared between all the staking pools)
- 55% to farmers (equally shared between all the farming pools)

In the future, the decentralized governance platform will enable DEFO holders to change the rate or the allocation of the transfer fee.

Jazie: Looks great!

And here’s the last question from twitter.

Question #5 From: @slingingsasher

Liquidity has always been a major concern when it comes to trading, especially since DEX appeared. In order, to maintain liquidity levels as high as possible, what is the solution that DefHold have to facing these?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: You’re right! Indeed, ensure sufficient liquidity to investors for smooth trading and protect them from potential rug pull, especially since being anon, was one of our main concern. To offer this to our investors, we decided to proceed as follows:

- Presale will be held by Liquidity Dividends Protocol (LID). 75% of the raised ETH will be allocated to Uniswap liquidity and definitively locked by their smart contracts. This process will enable us to protect our investors against any exit scam concern they might have.

- EWF and transfer fee revenues are distributed more importantly to farmers to increase their revenues and incentivize them providing liquidity to the DefHold ecosystem.

Jazie: Wow! They’re an amazing presale organizer, tbh.

Thank you for your answers for all twitter questions @cryptoartega, you are legend!

Segment 3: Live questions from the community

Jazie: So Artega, are you ready with our last segment?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Yes! Happy to see the great questions of your community!

Jazie: Chat closed! Thank you for your plenty of questions chat, let’s give our guest some time to answer good questions.
The floor is yours @cryptoartega.

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: That’s quite a huge number of questions let me answer some of them.

Round 1 of Community Questions:

Q1 From: @alice_wonderland12

Pools will offer to stakers and farmers the opportunity to withdraw their assets before the end of the lock-up period by applying an early withdrawal fee, how much is this fee? Does it vary depending on how much is the time left?

In DeFiHold ecosystem we can earn passive income as farmers or stakers, who do you recommend to become a farmer or staker and what how each collaborates with the platform?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: That’s a good one! Yes it’ll vary according to the remaining time as each time a pool reaches the lock-up period of a faster pool, investors’ funds will be automatically transferred into the faster pool (in this case the EWF and rewards will automatically change to match those of the pool in which the tokens are transferred). I’ll let you have a look at our website to see the EWF of each pool.

Q2 From: @Rosane1a8

Many projects dedicated to farming offer massive % of APY, and finish minting a ot of tokens to try to reach that promise, decreasing value, or, even being scam. That’s why I ask you, what APY is offered with DEFO?

Looking at the charts that show the % of revenue noticed that farming offers the double than staking, why is it? What would incentivate users to stake?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: This was one of our main concern by the inception of the project! We really wanted to offer diversified investment’s strategies in a non-inflationary way. In our opinion, minting new tokens to guarantee APY isn’t a real yield driver as it creates infinite inflation and you’ll lose most of the expected returns over time.

DEFO APY will be based on the EWF retained and on the trading volume. Therefore, there won’t be a constant APY but it’ll always be calculated dynamically.

Q3 From: @roks099

Auditing is a very important process to ensure the safety of both investors and project owners. Does DefHold go through an audit and who is it done by?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Fully agree on that! We really want to meet the highest possible security standards with our project. Therefore, it’s an evidence that we’ll appoint an audit firm in order to review our platform and contracts. As of today, the name of the auditor is still unknown as we’ll get in touch with them once the public beta version will be released.

Q4 From: @washinchama

Most investors simply focus on the price of the token in the short term, and not on the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and advantages of token investors in the long term?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: That’s a good question especially as it was one of our main concern during the inception of the project! To increase the number of long-term holders, we’ve implemented two mechanisms.

The first one is the DEFO product itself which aims to incentivize people holding their tokens over long periods thanks the EWF mechanism.

The second one relates to our airdrop fund which will be released at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months. Each monthly release will be distributed to investors who are holding DEFO more than 1 month. For example, presale investors who are still holding DEFO 1 month after presale will receive the first one. This will significantly reduce any listing’s dumps!

Q5 From: @Hitman330

Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: You’re right. We really care about protecting investors from any form of exit scam. Therefore, we’ve decided to run our presale on LID protocol who will automatically and definitively lock 75% of ETH raised into Uniswap liquidity pool together with 19.50% of the DEFO tokens. Moreover, they will also time-lock our Marketing 2, Team and Airdrop funds and release them at a monthly 10% rate over 10 months.

Jazie: Okay thank you for answering the first round of questions, can we go for the next round?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Yes thanks for the amazing questions! Let’s go for second round.

Jazie: Chat closed! Thank you for the last round of questions everyone.

You can now answer the last batch of community questions @cryptoartega.

Round 2 of Community Questions:

Q6 From: @Siddik100

How important is the community to Your project? And how can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Community is the most important matter to us as DefHold will exist thanks the community and for the community! Currently, our community should help us spread our project as much as possible. Any valuable influencers, AMA or any other kind of promotion proposals are of course also much appreciated! In the long run, we also want to get community involved in the project and get them skin in the game once the fully decentralized governance platform will be live.

Q7 From: @Emidm37

If we decide to stake our DEFO tokens, will they remain locked up for days? In that case, if we decide to unstake our DEFO whenever we want, will we have to pay a fee?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: DEFO will enable holders to stake or farm their assets into pools with different pre-defined lock-up periods. However, all these pools will offer the ability to stakers and farmers to withdraw their assets at any time by applying an early withdrawal fee (“EWF”) if the assets are withdrawn before the term of the lock-up period.

Q8 From: @Kathdm

When will the decentralized governance platform of defHold be launched? How much time left? On which matters will users be able to vote?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: The platform will be launched once the audit of the staking & farming contracts will be finalized.
Thanks this governance platform, users will be able to vote for the launch of new pools (new tokens, different lock-up periods, etc.), changing the rate or the allocation of the transfer fee or vote for many proposals related to future developments within the DefHold ecosystem.

Q9 From: @nilakashhh

Your project looks good but it confuses me that there are so many other good Blockchain project. Why should I pay attention in Your project to give it the importance it deserves? What are your planning to achieve with your project?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: The main objective of DefHold is to bring new and innovative investment strategies that generate returns. In addition to providing new DeFi products, the main problem we want to solve is to avoid providing any inflationary products that can’t be sustainable in the long run.

Q10 From: @Ketz23

DeFi project is very popular and there are many DeFi projects right now, what are your plans for now? What makes DEFO unique?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Agree with you! It has been a really trending topic over the last few months. I think DeFi won’t destroy traditional finance (at least short term wise) but they will certainly be complementary and offer diversified investments’ strategies. The latter is exactly the main purpose of DefHold: convert traditional financial tools into new DeFi products.

Jazie: So I think that’s all. Thank you so much for your answers on the first and second round. We’re glad to have an AMA session with you Artega that was fun.

Do you have any message to our community before we end the session @cryptoartega?

Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: So many great questions, I’m sad we don’t have time to answer them all. However, do not hesitate to join our main Telegram group:, we’ll always be there to answer your questions.

Don’t wait anymore to follow and join our community to learn more about DefHold!


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Artega ¦ DEFHOLD: Thanks again to Blockchain Infinity for this amazing AMA!

Jazie: You’re very welcome Artega.

-END of AMA session-

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